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March 5, 2007

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ย These are some pictures i took of our hotel room at the Inn we stayed at in Skinneatles (Sherwood Inn), its kind of like the Brewster but not (the brewster is in caz), and the pictures dont do justice at all and then i took a picture of me (notice my neclace) he bought that for me this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ i was soo happy it was just so nice to get away for the weekend because there has been soo much going on lately i really needed a breather, i didnt want to come back at all because it was just so relaxing, we ate alot of snacks in bed and went out to eat at a pizza place and we ordered chinese food the first night so we didnt spend so much money eating at the inn because its an inn and a restaurant in one and to eat there it would be extreemly expensive sense we were staying there also. It was amazing because we didnt hear any noise upstairs but there was deffinatly alot going on downstairs. All in all i had a blast of a weekend and i hope bryan did too, it was mostly because we spent the whole weekend loving and not fighting, that made a HUGE difference.





lake.jpg (me and bryan standing on the frozen lake)


this is what we live for, the happy moments March 2, 2007

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so even tho me and bryan get extreemly pissed at each other and want to shoot each other i really love him. I cant lie, i love all his little quirks and the way he’ll try to bite my nose, or how he cant give a good back massage and how he sleeps with a pillow right next to him when im not there. I love how he never ties his shoe’s and just always wants to help people. I love how he is so easy going (sometimes) and lets me choose where we should go to eat. I love how patient he is with me when i am pmsy, and i love how he cant keep his hands off of me in public, and especially when another guy checks me out. I love how i think about him all the time and how he smells, i love how when i think about the good times i have with him i still get butterflys in my stomach. I love how he swears up and down that he hates my rats but then i see him sneaking in my room to give them a cheerio, and i love how he still pretends to be excited even if he doesnt like what we are doing. I love how he’s nothing like his brother, i love how he still says im beautiful even tho we both know i look like shit. I love his morning breath (no im serious) i love how when we wake up in the morning i dont even care i just say “KISS ME!” i love how he acts like a big baby, and how he thinks he’s not photogenic and i love how much i love him ๐Ÿ™‚


I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when your not there

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two hour bath
And how you convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild
Slow and easy
Heart and soul
So completely
I love the way you love me

And I could list a million things
I love to like about you
But they all come down to one reason
I could never live without you

I love the way you love me
Strong and wild
Slow and easy
Heart and soul
So completely
I love the way you love me
Oh baby I love the way you love me


i promise not to miss you now. February 25, 2007

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Lately things have just been really sucking, i have been soo miserable and i couldnt really tell you why if you asked me. Its just a big bunch of stuff that has been making me upset lately. I told joe that i missed him last night (big mistake) led to a big fight and even more harsh words were said and just like before we still arent talking for worse reasons. I really wish that the friendship we had just never happened, that would make everything allot easier. Bryan has just been really not understanding at all lately, and we are supposed to go to florida in the begining of april and im thinking of breaking up with him just so he doesnt go to florida with us. I really dont want him to go sense he is being a huge dick and not a good boyfriend. On a happier note, Ben Robinson sent me a letter from the Army and on it was a patch from his platoon hat and it made me happy. He is actually a guy that writes good letters, he draws pictures on the letters and everything, i wrote him like a two page letter back, i went to OCC for what? like a semester? and i made such a great friend and now we are pen pals ๐Ÿ™‚ that is somthing that actually has made me happy. There seriously havent been many lately, i thought house sitting with bryan would make us happier and help us with alot and it just made me more angry at him, i dont know if it made him more angry with me but it made me upset and regreting the whole house sitting together thing. I was thinking last night about how i really miss college, about how there was always somthing to do, even though sometimes it felt like there was nothing to do, there was always somthing. Especially on the weekends, i love to go out with all my girl friends, actually the getting ready before going out was my favorite part. I really miss all myย  friends, angela, kd, kelly, sara, natalee, jeremy, justin, ian, franklin, marco, just all my buddies, i really really really miss them. I thought i needed to stay home from college for a while to save money but so far my car has been costing me soo much money that i havent saved any money at all. I am just all sorts of confused at what to do about anything, i want summer to come, i want all my friends to come home, i miss some of the way things used to be. I was going to go to church today but i woke up late and going to church isnt as easy as it looks. Every time i go now i feel like everyone is staring at me ( in a bad way) like before i didnt mind people looking at me because i was actually happy. But now when people look at me i dont want them to. I just miss everything that i had before, i was alot happier when going to church, or when going to school, and actually knowing what i was going to do.

lately nothing i do ever seems to please you
and maybe turning my back would be that much easier
cause hurtful words are all that we exchange
but i can’t watch you walk away

can i forget about the way it feels to touch you?
and all about the good times that we’ve been through
could i wake up without you every day?
would i let you walk away?

no, i can’t learn to live without
and i can’t give up on us now

oh, i know i could say were through
and tell myself i’m over you
but even if i made a vow
i promise not to miss you now
and try to hide the truth inside
i fell cause i, i just can’t live a lie

could i forget the look that tells me that you want me?
and all the reasons that make loving you so easy
the kiss that always makes it hard to breathe
the way you know just what i mean

no, i can’t learn to live without
ohh, so don’t you give up on us now

ohh, i know i could say were through
and tell myself i’m over you
but even if i made a vow
i promise not to miss you now
and try to hide the truth inside
i fell cause i, i just can’t live a lie

ohh, and i don’t wanna try ยฉ


sitting on a house :-) February 16, 2007

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so i am going away for 10 days to house sit, house watch, whatever. You know when you feed and water and take care of a house while people are gone or on vacation. I am doing itย  for Bryans Aunt and Uncle and im bringing my rats, i have to be careful because they DO have a dog and a cat so i have to keep the door closed ALL the time :-X and im not sure about if ill have internet there so i am going to post one now and maybe if i have internet there i will post some and tell you how its going :-*


– Laura


Valintines week :-) February 13, 2007

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Bryan called me yesterday and asked if i wear white gold. He’s so subtle huh? lol its the thought that counts. Boys arent really good at valintines in general anyways and it made me so happy that he thought of getting me a gift without me telling him that i even wanted to celebrate valintines day in the first place, but really. What girl doesnt want to celebrate valintines anyways? unless you are single and hate all boys, which is understandable because i have been that way too before. Dont worry girls im not bashing you ๐Ÿ˜‰ but im still happy ( and rubbing it in) that i have a very smart and sweet boyfriend…sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill take a picture of both of our gifts that we got/made for each other and i will put them on here eventually. Once i charge up my camera ๐Ÿ™‚



guys at parties are gay. guys in general are gay. ha. February 8, 2007

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Actually not many guys are this bad. It is really hard to come across a good guy tho. No im serious. Even guys you know and hang out every day always find someway to ruin the time you spend with them by being guys. But girls cant just ignore guys, how the heck is our world supposed to continue without freaking guys in it. Its gay and i dont want to say this but, you kinda need em. sadly. :-X

break-up.jpg stupid-boys.jpg


Skinny time. February 7, 2007

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i want to be skinny,

time for a YMCA membership…

enough said ๐Ÿ™‚skinny.